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Mon, August 11,
David Kilgour,
CCD Board Member

The Putin Problem: Sanctions Can't Stop Russia, the West Needs a Forceful NATO Strategy

This past week, the EU, US, and Canada approved dramatically stronger economic sanctions to pressure Putin to end support for rebels in Ukraine. More than sanctions are necessary. Ukraine needs much assistance and will for some time. The German experience with integrating East Germany will be helpful to encouraging an economic boom in Ukraine in two or three years. To help fund it, the West should become serious about finding and seizing the billions of dollars Yanukovych stole from the country. NATO should buy the war ships built in France for Putin.

Wed, July 30,
Mark Lagon,
CCD Board Member

Fighting for Civil Society's Space

There is an emerging geopolitical contest between forces of repression and expression. A battle for civil society space, a space race of sorts, is becoming increasingly intense in countries like Venezuela, Ecuador, Zimbabwe, Bahrain, Iran, and Thailand. Focusing on indigenous, nonviolent movements as the most effective engine of durable change, the United States must forge a new diplomacy engaging these groups even if it means upsetting authoritarian governments seen as allies.

Fri, July 18,
David Kilgour and Peter Lin

East-Europe’s Economic Triumphs and Territorial Worries over Ukraine

Ukrainians understand what western support can and cannot accomplish. It can provide useful moral, political and military leverage and much-needed financial support. However, western support by itself cannot resolve Ukraine’s problems. Given Ukraine’s position and its political and economic structure, its leaders must recognise that peace can only come through some accommodation with Moscow

Tue, June 24,
David Kilgour,
CCD Board Member

Taiwan, China, and Governance

Despite the lapses of the past six years, Taiwan is the governance model for what China can and I believe will become sooner than many think: a democracy with rule of law and respect/equality for all citizens.

Wed, May 28,
David Kilgour,
CCD Board Member

"Bring Back our Girls" - Nigerian Canadian Association Rally

Today in all of Nigeria’s 36 states teachers will hold “Bring Back Our Girls” rallies and boycott schools to protest the abductions now in their sixth week.

Tue, May 27,
Chaturon Chaisang,
former deputy prime
minister and former
minister of education of

Open Letter on Thai Democracy

I would like to stress here that a coup d'état is in itself an abrogation of democracy, and therefore it cannot possibly create rules that will improve democracy. On the other hand, it will make those rules that are undemocratic even more undemocratic. [Orchestrating a] coup d'état is not a solution to the problems or conflicts in Thai society but will make the conflicts even worse. It is also a great concern that if those with authority cannot handle the problems well, it may lead to violence and greater losses.

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