Admiral Blair Promotes Military Handbook at Pre-Launch Events

CCD hosted two pre-launch events in anticipation of the publication of The Role of the Armed Forces in Democratic Transition Admiral Dennis Blair, director of the Handbook project and former Director of National Intelligence, discussed the Handbook’s contents and its potential implementation.

On September 12, CCD and Deloitte invited guests to preview selected chapters of the Handbook. General Charles Wald, director of federal practice activities at Deloitte, opened the evening’s discussion by welcoming the guests and expressing his interest in the findings of the project. CCD Board of Directors Chairman Robert Hunter spoke about CCD’s work on projects such as the Military Handbook and the Diplomat’s Handbook and its role in the Community of Democracies. Dr. Peter Ackerman, founder of the International Center on Non-Violent Conflict, introduced Admiral Blair. Over 30 participants attended and engaged Admiral Blair on a number of issues.

CCD hosted a luncheon for defense attachés on September 20. Attachés from Canada, Chile, Mongolia, The Netherlands, The Philippines, Sweden, Tunisia, and the United Kingdom, as well as a representative of the Embassy of Lithuania, joined Admiral Blair in a discussion of the applicability of the Handbook in real cases. The valuable feedback from these practitioners focused on the ability of countries to decide when and how to give support to democratic movements. Admiral Blair will incorporate the results of the discussion in the Handbook’s final publication. CCD Board Chairman Robert Hunter and Dr. Peter Ackerman also lent their expertise.

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